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Capital Allowances

Capital allowances are a tax relief that allows businesses to claim deductions for certain types of capital expenditures made on assets used for business purposes. These allowances are a way for businesses to reduce their taxable profits and, consequently, their tax liability.

Capital allowances typically apply to tangible assets, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, and buildings, that are used for the purpose of generating income. They can also apply to certain types of intangible assets, such as patents and trademarks. The idea behind capital allowances is to recognise that these assets will gradually lose value over time due to wear and tear, obsolescence, or other factors, and therefore, businesses are allowed to deduct a portion of their cost as an expense for tax purposes.

Businesses need to carefully track and document their capital expenditures to accurately claim these allowances and receive the intended tax benefits. At Steve Pye & Co we work with trusted tax professional partners to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of available capital allowance opportunities while staying compliant with tax regulations.

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