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General and Self Assessment

  • Dealing with HMRC: Paying HMRC 
  • CA5601 (Application to pay self-employed National Insurance contributions (NICs) by Direct Debit) 
  • 64-8 Authorising your agent 
  • Gift Aid Declaration 
  • SA100 Main tax return for individuals 
  • SA101 Supplementary Pages 
  • SA102 Employment 
  • SA103 Self-employment (Short) 
  • SA103 Self-employment (Full) 
  • SA104S Partnership (Short) 
  • SA104F Partnership (Full) 
  • SA105 UK Property 
  • SA106 Foreign 
  • SA107 Trusts etc 
  • SA108 Capital Gains Summary 
  • SA109 Non-residence etc. 
  • SA110 Tax Calculation Summary 
  • SA150 How to fill in your tax return 
  • CWF1 Register online for Self-Assessment and National Insurance Contributions 
  • SA1 – Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return 
  • SA1 – Self Assessment payment slip 
  • SA400 – Registering a partnership for Self Assessment 
  • SA401 – Registering a partner for Self Assessment and Class 2 NICs 
  • SA402 – Registering a partner for Self Assessment if they’re not an individual 

Limited Companies 


  • P11D Expenses Payments and Benefits 
  • P11D(b) Return of Class 1A NICs due. Return of expenses and benefits – employer declaration 
  • FBI 2 Authorising your agent to use PAYE Online Services (Internet) 
  • P46 (Car) Car provided for the private use of an employee or a director 
  • P60 End of Year Certificate – Employer: P60 Notes 
  • SP32 Late claim for recovery of statutory payments or NIC compensation 
  • SSP1 Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and Incapacity Benefit 
  • SSP2 Statutory Sick Pay Record Sheet 
  • SC2 Employee’s statement of sickness 
  • Starter Checklist 

Value Added Tax 

  • VAT1 Application for registration 
  • VAT 484 Change of Details – Variations 
  • VAT 1614A Notification of an option to tax land and/or buildings 
  • VAT – 600FRS Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme 
  • VAT7 Application to cancel your VAT registration 
  • VAT68 Request for transfer of a registration number 
  • VAT426 Insolvent traders claim for input tax after deregistration 
  • VAT427 Claim for input tax relief from VAT on cancellation of registration 
  • VAT652 Notification of Errors in VAT Returns 
  • VAT769 Notification of Insolvency details 


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